Lee and Michele trained Samson to walk on water!!!!!

samson on water

Mans Best Friend Dog Training…took Apollo on this trail today. Since we were the only ones there I decided to not hold his leash and see how he did. He did GREAT!!! If he wandered a little ahead I just told him “heel” and he came right back. I love that he listens so well and responds the way I want him to. Thanks for all you’ve done


Lee and Michelle saved Buford’s life in my opinion. Michelle came to our home and turned Buford the aggressive hound into a couch cuddler. He can now share with at least two other dogs. We also boarded him and have come to the shop for additional training. Amazing people.
Man’s Best Friend Dog Training is a wonderful place to take your dog(s) to be trained.I had an German Shepherd, Gershee, that would not listen to me, pretty much she would do the opposite of anything I “asked” her to do.
I started going to obedience lessons taught by Lee Hamilton and Michele Rose. After the first lesson Lee had Gershee heeling and sitting. Three lessons later (about one week) I was able to trash the useless “no-tug” harness and walk with Gershee using just a collar. We walked by deer and other dogs, she didn’t even bark at these distractions.Dog training has become a hobby for me. Today Gershee is 3 years old and is able to do things I didn’t think possible. She can even fetch me a beverage from the fridge!!!Gershee has stayed with Lee and Michele overnight (she has been with them for up to a week). Gershee comes back smarter each time!! One time she got dirty playing with the other dogs so they gave her a bath – only thing better than picking up a smarter dog is picking up a clean smarter dog!!Man’s Best Friend Dog Training is hands down the best training for your dog from obedience training to agility training to protection training!!Thank You Lee & Michele!!!
we just wanted to say thank you so much to Lee and Michelle for their help in training our dogs ruby and sapphire. We went to their training facility in April with two german shepherds that were a bit out of control. Lee worked with these dogs at his place for about 5 weeks.The difference afterwards was astounding. We have since boarded our dogs there on several occasions. I can’t say enough about the results. We would use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Lee for all you have done.
Ed and Donna Sulecki.
 I took my very difficult dog to Lee and was at my wits end. He is dominate, smart, stubborn and not food motivated. Lee helped me to teach him skills and to listen. And while he is still all those things he knows to listen which is what I needed. He is still my family pet because of Lee. Thank you!
katies dog
Lee and Michelle helped me train my dog, Mick, when i first rescued him and he (and I !) had had no training. It was a wonderful experience and I recommended Man’s Best Friend training to another friend who also received wonderful help and training for her rescue. Mick stayed in the on-site kennel during one of my trips and was 100% healthy, happy and even better-behaved when I returned home.  Here’s one happy dog who loves Man’s Best Friend Dog Training, rock star dachshund Mick Jagger!

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