Have you tried multiple things to solve your dog’s unique problems, but nothing seems to work?  There is no dog too bad, no problem too big; whatever your troubles–I have the solution!  At Man’s Best Friend Dog Training, it is  believed that every dog has a place.  It is not always where they are residing, but they have a place, and training done properly and formally will ensure the dog find that perfect place.

Because what I do is so much different than anyone else it is important that I meet you and your dog, which is why the first lesson with me is free!  When you come in for your free assessment, I am able to get a feel for the dog’s temperament and personality, you tell me all the problems you are having, and I give you my honest opinion.  I will show you how I handle your dog, and right in front of your eyes, I will begin to lay basic foundation for which I can build upon to solve any problems you may be having.  Thru this process, I begin to shape their choices and use what you thought were horrible and terrible qualities to my advantage, to give you an awesome dog and amazing end result.

You may have problems so big that you think you’re alone, but you’re not! If you think your dog has issues that cannot be easily fixed, then come see me and prepared to be amazed! Through three decades of dog training experience, I have seen just about everything and helped people find the perfect solution for them, their family and their dog.  I can help you, there’s no problem too big or small!

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