Boarding and Training for Your Dog


One option we offer to all of our clients is boarding and training. With the boarding and training option your dog would come and stay at our dog school while we trained and socialized them. The basic package includes on-leash and off-leash obedience, agility and any other specific problems you may want to be addressed. Because the dog stays at the dog school, we are able to consistently work with them, meaning that every day they are learning something new and their training is always moving in a positive direction.

For local people we offer a 30-day boarding and training program for $2750.  It is important that you come for lessons while the dog is here for that four-week period, so we can teach you how to handle your dog and tailor the training for your family and.  When the dog is ready to go home, we will spend several hours working with you and your dog.

For people that live out of town, we offer a 60-day boarding and training program for $3750.  This gives us a little more time to build a solid foundation and takes the distance into consideration.  At the end of 60 days you have come and work with a trainer and your dog for several days.  During this time, you will learn how to apply the training your dog received to real-life, day-to-day situations.  For an additional fee we can also bring the dog home to your location and spend hours or days with you and your family.

Through this process, your dog will reach their full potential and come home minding you better than ever before! To discuss boarding and training please give us a call at (440) 218-0340 or email us at



ruby and saphire - Trained German Shepherds

“Lee worked with these dogs at his place for about five weeks. The difference afterwards was astounding. We have since boarded our dogs there on several occasions. I can’t say enough about the results. We would use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Lee for all you have done.” Ed and Donna Sulecki.


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