Dog Training Tips

Utilizing a Drag Line 

Any new dog we bring into our training facility lives with a drag line attached to a flat collar from day one. We use a round, single piece, rope that I tie a metal snap to. In this video I will show you the proper rope, proper snap and how to tie them together using a fishermen’s knot. I usually get a 50-foot bundle of rope and make a 6-foot line for inside and a 15-25 foot line for outside. Having the round line keeps your dog from getting stuck on furniture and objects and using the bulk rope makes replacing old, dirty, or chewed lines a cheap and easy process.
What is the purpose of the drag line you might wonder? The drag line limits the dog’s freedom and gives you the upper hand to mold and shape your dog’s choices. You have the ability to make the dog successful in everyday life because you are limiting their options to only good choices. If you tell your dog to come and they’re attached to a line, if they don’t come you can go to the end and make the dog come. If they jump on company, you can grab the line and make them stop. When a dog is on a line you have the upper hand and the dog knows it, and therefore will begin to act accordingly. This is the foundation we build upon to have success and begin creating good day to day behaviors. Realistically, this tool will serve as the bridging gap, taking your dog from a dog that minds while in training, to a dog that minds in real everyday life.

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