Online Dog Training Course coming soon!

Master Trainer, Lee Hamilton, has been training dogs and educating their owners for almost 30 years.  Shy. Aggressive. Nervous. Little. Fast. Big. There is no type of dog he has not worked with.  No matter what problems you are having, we can give you the tools to make ANY dog mind.  It is all about love, education and discipline.  For free we are going to

  • Explain important concepts and principals when it comes to dogs and dog training
  • Show you examples of first time lessons, so you can see first-hand how what we do works
  • Show and tell you, step by step instructions to get your dog to walk on a leash, heel, sit and stay

From the comfort of your own home, you can learn the art of dog training and be on your way to having a better dog.

Watch as Master Trainer, Lee Hamilton, explains proper leash control using a six-month-old German Shepherd

Basic Concepts and Principals of Dog Training 

How to Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

Online Dog Training Course coming soon!

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