Lee Hamilton

I bought my first Rottweiler in 1986. I knew the importance of owning a well-behaved dog, therefore I looked into professional help. During the process of finding the best dog trainer, I became very interested in different styles and techniques of training.

Dan Buzek of Super Dog in Cincinnati, Ohio was my first teacher.  Dan sensed my natural ability as well as my interest in dog training. Dan encouraged me to take a dog training course at his school.  Midway through the course, Dan began to encourage me to come work for him.  I was truly blessed to learn about the art of dog training while working for Dan.

Initially, I was very closely watched and guided and at the same, time I was encouraged to grow and develop my style.  Once I was sufficiently qualified regarding the education of dogs.  I concentrated on teaching dog owners with their dogs.  Here I learned a very valuable lesson.  Dog training is a two-step process.  Step one is training the dog, step two is training the dog’s owners.  Once I became proficient at the basics of dog training, I wanted to continue to grow in my dog training skills. Dan then introduced me to his teacher, Rick Kinkel. Rick was trained by the world-renowned trick dog trainer, Mr. Lucky.  Mr. Lucky was not only a tremendously talented trick dog trainer but years ahead of his time in the area of protection dog training.  Truly, I was blessed to learn the art of dog training from two outstanding master trainers.

After working with thousands of dogs and their owners and 27 plus years later, I’m still learning and growing in my art. I have now trained dozens of police service dogs, wheelchair assistance dogs and search and rescue dogs. I have developed proven programs that get dogs to consistently mind in everyday life activities.

If your desires are a great family pet, or a wonderful working dog, we have the answer for all your dog training needs.  We like to say “The pawsitively perfect solution to all of your dog training needs”. This website has a lot of information and videos regarding dog training. If you like what you see please Contact Us to set up a free evaluation of your special dog.

Please call between 9am-9pm Monday – Friday to discuss a Personal & Customized Evaluation of your situation as every situation is different and I only provide custom solutions. (440)218-0340

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