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We specialize in Obedience training!  We offer personal and family Protection and Service Dog Training too! We also have trained dogs for sale or the option to custom order the dog of your dreams!

Basic obedience done properly and formally is the foundation for all dog training. Whether your goal is a well-trained family pet or a world-class working dog.

Basic on-leash dog training is the foundation for everything you want to do. We can train your dog to:

  • Stop pulling on a leash
  • Use the bathroom outside
  • Lay down and stay
  • Always come when called

We would like to offer a free no cost and no obligation training lesson for you and your dog!

Waving Dog

We can teach you to train your own dog!

Basic obedience done properly and formally is the foundation for all dog training. Whether your goal is a well-trained family pet or a world-class working dog.

Basic on-leash dog training is the foundation for everything you want to do. Our Master Trainer, Lee Hamilton, has 33 years and 100,000+ hours of experience and has trained over 6,000 dogs.

In our online class you will learn directly from Lee himself how you can achieve fantastic results with your dog in the comfort of your own home!

Online Video Courses

Basic Obedience

Basic obedience is the foundation for all learning and training. You will learn our, proven, step by step process, so you can teach your own dog basic on leash obedience.
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Day to day behaviors

You will learn to use the foundation from the on leash obedience to address behaviors--such as house breaking, jumping, biting and chewing. Things that don't just get better because your dog walks nicely on a leash.
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We are going to teach you the importance of consistency and how to use training tools to get your dog to behave reliably and dependably with no leash.
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Free Dog Training Lesson

What we do here at Man’s Best Friend Dog Training is so unique we want you to have the opportunity to see it first-hand.

With three decades of experience, we have developed a solid base of concepts and principals, that when applied correctly are sure to help any dog. No matter what problems you are having or what type of training you need we can definitely help!  Just set up an appointment for your free evaluation and see for yourself!

Another happy customer

Kathy Moore

January 8, 2019

These people are absolutely amazing !! We started with training my dog Sadie while they were looking for my German Shepherd. She is much improved and they found a fantastic puppy for me. They trained him ( and me too ! lol). I have to say, Max is the best puppy i have ever had. He is 6 months old now and getting huge but is so very well behaved !! I take him to Lowes to practice what we have learned and socialize him and i get a ton of compliments every time i go !! If you ever need dog training for any dog I HIGHLY recommended these wonderful people.

Barry Curlee

March 9, 2019

A very big thank you once again to Mans Best Friend Dog Training. The people here are amazing!!!!! I can’t thank Lee, Michele, Hope, and staff enough for what they have done for our family. The results of their work will forever leave a mark in my family and most importantly my children’s adolescents. Most recently we were blessed with dog #6(two others have been for family members) from Mans Best Friend, and now dad(me) has not stop smiling since!! Thanks guys! You all are truly amazing!!!

Ryan Kunsman

September 8, 2015

Man’s Best Friend Dog Training has given my wife and myself the basic tools and knowledge to understand what our German Shepard is looking for in us. Training her is no longer a mystery of what we should or should not be doing. We “rescued” her from a family that couldnt or didnt want to handle her. I believe, if they could see her after 4 lessons, they would regret their decision to let her go. It’s obvious that the staff and family at Man’s Best Friend Dog Training love dogs and love what they do. Money well spent!

Raquel Isely-Linnane
Raquel Isely-Linnane

August 22, 2016

Our dog, Sunflower from mans best friend dog training is such a treat. Everyone is so impressed how well behaved she is — including us! She is an absolute gem and so easy to take out and on trips because of her training. It’s also very nice to have a dog that you can trust off the leash If you need to. Thanks for a very
well trained and behaved dog!

Anthony DeGeorge

February 8, 2019

We brought our 6 month old GSD Juno to Mans Best Friend a few months ago and we are so glad that we did. We were having problems with her going to the bathroom in the house, not listening, tugging on the leash when walking, chewing on everything in sight, etc. Fast forward to now and we have an amazing dog that listens, is very social with people and other dogs, walks on and off the leash perfectly, hasn’t had one accident in the house, doesn’t chew on anything other than her toys and doesn’t jump on people. We did the 6 week board and train program and it was well worth it. They were very flexible with our schedules for weekly visits/training to ensure that we knew how to handle her once she was home. Thanks again to Lee, Michele, Hope and the others! Would highly recommend them to anyone.