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Pickles- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

$ 5,800.00


Dog's Description

This Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is looking for a family of his very own. Loving to children and other animals, he would make a great addition to a family or even a Retired couple. Pickles is affectionate and loves to be held and pampered. Born on November 15, 2022, he’s showing to be the class clown and full of silliness and spunk. This little fella will bring loads of entertainment and joy where ever he is.

Pickles will be trained to walk nicely on and off leash, come when called, sit stay and lay down on command. He will be socialized with cats, children and other dogs. Pickles will do well in a home with other pets.

Pickles comes with age appropriate vetting, training collars and tools, and lessons for the new family.

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