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Justice: Female, German Shepherd Puppy, we Raised and Trained For Sale

$ 4,000.00


Dog's Description

Candy is a four and a half year old, Czechoslovakian German Shepherd import.  He has import papers, is AKC registered and his hip and elbow checks are normal.  This beautiful male is patient and loving but also ready to work hard at any time.  He has the perfect temperament and personality and between that and his looks, he is the perfect Sire for Falcon.  Falcon is a two and a half year old, dark sable, German Shepherd.  She is the product of two import parents; she too has a wonderful balance of personality and work ethic.  Candy and Falcon have already produced eight beautiful puppies, with great temperaments and personalities, and we expect nothing less from this upcoming litter.  Here you can see current pictures of Justice, a sable female from the current liter.  There is also a video of the puppies from the first litter, which will give you a great idea of what’s to come! The training is included with the price of purchase and the puppies will stay here for 12-16 weeks after they are born, giving them plenty of time to become well socialized and acclimated to people, kids and other dogs!


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