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Gator, Fully Trained Australian Cattle Dog

$ 5,250.00

This handsome guy went to live with an active couple that is loving the freedom their pup has thanks to his off leash obedience!


Dog's Description

-Gator is a male Australian Cattle Dog.

-He is sweet and loves people

-He is great with the other dogs, but you can see the Cattle dig personality while playing.

*He definitely chases and herds the bigger dogs, but is gentle with the smaller ones

and good about reading the room and the dog he is playing with.

-Will be trained in on and off leash obedience.

*Heel, sit, stay, down, come when called and basic commands such as “leave it”

-Have good day to day manners: no jumping, no digging, no chewing, and potty trained.

-well socialized with kids, dogs and people.

-Be ready to go at the end of January.

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