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Trained dogs to order

For the discerning person that desires something special for themselves or their family, we have our Taylor Made To Your Desires Trained Dogs For Sale. I really enjoy training dogs that can do all that I can teach. Fancy on and off leash obedience, super nice code of conduct, forced retrieve, sprinkling of tricks and flashy protection training.

These dogs are available by order. You pick the breed, the age, sex and type of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS

Costs vary based on the price of the dog and the types of training you desire. If you are a price shopper this is probably not for you. A deposit gets the process started with the balance being paid only after the dog of your dreams is delivered to your family.

Current trained dogs for sale

The following dogs are all pure blooded dogs that come with papers and extensive amounts of basic training.  They are all trained in on leash and off leash obedience with an impeccable day to day code of conduct.  The foundation has been laid for any type of further training desired, but mostly ready to come home and mind you better than any dog you’ve ever owned!

11 week old German Shepherds

I have German Shepherd puppies that would make the perfect Christmas present!  They comes from an European imported father and a second generation European imported mother.  I also have papers on puppies and both parents.  I am willing to sell them at twelve weeks old (12/15) and a training package is included with the sale.  We have raised these puppies at our dog school from day one.  They have been around tons of people, kids and dogs and already understand many basic training priciples.  Through this professional and personalized training I will be able to equiped you with all neccessary tools to raise a well behaved dog that is sure to become a great new addition to your family!

Pink is the only black and tan female I have.  She is small but mighty, she is the smallest of all the dogs but maybe the most dominant, aggressive and outgoing!

pink photo


Purple is the only sable female I have, she is already an outgoing and dominant puppy that loves to be around people and kids.  She is great with other dogs and has tremendous drive, would be great for any type of training!

purple photo 2

Blue is a tan and black male. He is the largest and most laid back of all the puppies, but still very outgoing.

blue 2

Red is a tan and black male. He is fiesty and dominant and definitly loves to play with everyone and everything.  He is bigger boned, nice and a must see!

blue 1

Green is the only sable male I have, he is willful and very playful.  He is a huge people lover and all around nice dog.


Pato: 2 year old Bully

Pato is a large, two year old male American Bully. He is trained in on leash and off leash obedience and has tremendous ball drive, which makes him very compadible for protection and detection traing  . He is a very friendly, well-mannered dog that is great with kids and other dogs too! Training is guaranteed and I would teach you to handle Pato in a way that would maximize his training with you, allowing him to become a valuable part of your family. He would truly be a great addition to any home and is just needs a new family to love!


Titan: 18 month old German Shepherd

Titan is an 18 month old German Shepherd with AKC papers and months of professional dog training. He is an intelligent dog that embodies many characteristics of your typical German Shepherd. He is trained in on leash and off leash obedience and has become very good in agility work. He would be a great personal or family dog and is good with people, other animals and children. He is the complete package!


Layla: 2 year old Rottweiler

Layla is a two year old female Rottweiler with AKC papers and is already fixed. She is an intelligent dog that is well versed in many areas. She is trained in on leash and off leash obedience and has been started in protection work as well. She is a loyal, super energetic and driven Rottweiler that is suitable for any training. She would be a great addition to any home.

k9 layla



From time to time I run across really nice dogs in desperate need of placement from a shelter or foster family. Typically the dog is in need of education and leadership; the two things we do best.

We take on the wayward puppy or dog and provide the education and leadership they so desperately need and then sell them for about the same price I would have charged to train a dog that someone brought to me for training. Essentially I am creating a job for myself, getting a dog in need a home and providing you with a wonderful companion for far less than you can buy a dog and train them.
NOTE please understand regarding the price of these rescue dogs or dogs without papers. At a minimum I spend two hours a day with these dogs, with at least 30 days here, therefore I have a minimum of 60 hours into these dogs. Additionally I have the cost of my building, food and staff  so please try to understand that even though the dog may be free; you are actually paying for my time and overhead and you are getting a great deal for your money!!