Your Dog Training Experts


For the discerning person that desires something special for themselves or their family, we have our Taylor Made To Your Desires Trained Dogs For Sale. I really enjoy training dogs that can do all that I can teach. Fancy on and off leash obedience, super nice code of conduct, forced retrieve, sprinkling of tricks and flashy protection training.

These dogs are available by order. You pick the breed, the age, sex and type of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS

Costs vary based on the price of the dog and the types of training you desire. If you are a price shopper this is probably not for you. A deposit gets the process started with the balance being paid only after the dog of your dreams is delivered to your family.


From time to time I run across really nice dogs in desperate need of placement from a shelter or foster family. Typically the dog is in need of education and leadership; the two things we do best.

We take on the wayward puppy or dog and provide the education and leadership they so desperately need and then sell them for about the same price I would have charged to train a dog that someone brought to me for training. Essentially I am creating a job for myself, getting a dog in need a home and providing you with a wonderful companion for far less than you can buy a dog and train them.
NOTE please understand regarding the price of these rescue dogs or dogs without papers. At a minimum I spend two hours a day with these dogs, with at least 30 days here, therefore I have a minimum of 60 hours into these dogs. Additionally I have the cost of my building, food and staff  so please try to understand that even though the dog may be free; you are actually paying for my time and overhead and you are getting a great deal for your money!!