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Welcome to Man's Best Friend Dog Training

We specialize in Protection, Obedience & Therapy Dog Training. We also have trained dogs for sale!
We can train any dog! If you need basic or advanced obedience training, we have you covered! Interested in a protection trained dog, a service dog or just looking for more information? Call us, we would love to talk about it!


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Mans Best Friend

Mans Best Friend Dog Training…took Apollo on this trail today. Since we were the only ones there I decided to not hold his leash and see how he did. He did GREAT!!! If he wandered a little ahead I just told him “heel” and he came right back. I love that he listens so well and responds the way I want him to.
Thanks for all you’ve done

-Jane Doe

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What we do here at Man’s Best Friend Dog Training is so unique we want you to have the opportunity to see it first hand.
With three decades of experience we have developed a solid base of concepts and principals, that when applied correctly is sure to help any dog. No matter what problems you’re having or what type of training you want we can definitely help you, just come in for your free evaluation and see for yourself!