You can have a Community College education or you can go IVY LEAGUE,the choice is Yours.




        I have been training dogs and educating their owners for 27 years now, and have been turning out a remarkable dog for  all 27 of them. Please check out my videos on Youtube and on the web site here. What  I do is special and unique, notice the consistent quality of work over the years. Dog Training is a passion for me. I love to take a dog from obnoxiuos to amazing, everyone notices how well behaved any dog I have worked with is! If you love your dog give them the education and discipline they deserve CALL NOW(440)218-0340

  • Basic – Advanced obedience   With your dog or, we can get you any breed and any age.

  • Problem solving  Aggressive with dogs or people, shy or nervous as well as house training


  • Assistance dogs  Wheelchair and mobility, hearing impairment and PTSD

  • Protection Training My specialty “What is your HEARTS desire?”

  • Trained dogs for sale All Breeds all ages, all on and off leash great manners and agility.

  • Bad dog challenge Train any dog 8 hours at your house! ANYWHERE  U.S.A  


  • Boarding and Training  With pick up, delivery and 2-7 days of handling lessons for the family

  •  School For Dog Trainers  Six weeks of intense dog training @ our facility